NordicLight Magazine


The Magazine is a joint publication of the Swedish-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce (SBCC) and The Norwegian-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce (NBCC).

The Chamber's magazine NordicLight is published twice a year over three continents and circulates to all members and to business people and other opinion formers with particular interest in Sweden and Brazil.

NordicLight Highlights

Founded: 1989
Editions: Two per year
Circulation: 2.000 copies
Readers: Decision-makers in Brazil, Sweden and Norway and other foreigners that have interests in those countries.

Reader's Profile

General demographics

Readers of NordicLight are affluent decision-makers, opinion leaders and well-educated, most with post-graduate degrees and significant purchase power. The majority of the magazine’s readers are between the ages of 30 and 55.

Pass-along Readership

Copies of the magazine are not only distributed to opinion-makers and industry leaders among member companies, but also to associated organizations.


Laura Reid

Last Issues

  • Jul / Dec 2020

    The first Brazilian Gripen has arrived!

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  • Jan / Jun 2020

    Pandemic propels Chamber’s digitalization

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  • Sep / Dec 2019

    Four Swedish companies celebrate long-term commitment to Brazil

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  • May / Jul 2019

    SEB brings biggest Nordic business delegation ever to Brazil

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  • Jan / Mar 2019

    Optimism marks Rio Oil & Gas 2018

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  • Aug / Nov 2018

    Chamber cheers on Swedish team in World Cup

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  • Apr / Jul 2018

    Hilma af Klint exhibition opens at Pinacoteca in São Paulo

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  • Jan / Mar 2018

    ABB launches global platform of digital solutions in Brazil

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  • Oct / Dec 2017

    Swedish Startup Hub Rises on Paulista Avenue

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  • Jul / Sep 2017

    Meet Fraser Hall, President of AstraZeneca in Brazil

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  • Apr / Jun 2017

    King and President participate in Business Leaders Forum

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  • Jan / Mar 2017

    NBCC Rio Oil & Gas dinner attracts 550 guests

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  • Sep / Nov 2016

    Swedish Royal Couple visits Rio for Olympics

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  • Jun / Aug 2016

    Countdown to Rio 2016 Olympic Games

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  • Apr / May 2016

    Top Volvo executives attend launch of Electric Hybrid Bus in Curitiba

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  • Jan / Mar 2016

    Sweden-Brazil Career Fair 2015 - a resounding success

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  • Sep / Nov 2015

    SKF Celebrates 100 Years in Brazil

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  • Jun / Aug 2015

    Kreab celebrates 45th anniversary in Sweden and 9 years in Brazil

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  • Apr / May 2015

    Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven visits Brazil

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  • Jan / Mar 2015

    iZettle takes off in Brazil

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  • Oct / Nov 2014

    NBCC makes a mark on Rio Oil & Gas

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  • Jun / Aug 2014

    Spotify hits Brazil with Gilberto Gil

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  • Mar / May 2014

    Swedcham congratulates Saab on Brazil’s selection of Gripen

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  • Dec 2013 / Feb 2014

    Swedcham celebrates 60th anniversary with Gala Dinner

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  • Sep / Nov 2013

    Nobel Exhibition coming to Brazil

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  • Jun / Aug 2013

    Minister Annie Lööf's visit to Brazil kicks off at Swedcham

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  • Mar / May 2013

    São Paulo has new Swedish Honorary Consul General

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  • Dec 2012 / Feb 2013

    Young Professionals take off at Swedcham

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  • Oct / Nov 2012

    Rio Oil & Gas - Traditional Trade Fair Brings Great Opportunities

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  • Jun / Aug 2012

    Trelleborg invests heavily in Brazil

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  • Mar / May 2012

    A 125-year-old With the Future Ahead

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  • Dec 2011 / Feb 2012

    Unique meeting held at Swedcham

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  • Oct / Nov 2011

    Exclusive Interview with Tetra Pak's Paulo Nigro

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  • Jun / Aug 2011

    Swedish Prime Minister pays first state visit to Latin America

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  • Mar / May 2011

    SKF do Brasil is one of Group's most prominent units

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  • Dec 2010 / Feb 2011

    Volvo do Brasil President Roger Alm projects excellent results for 2010

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  • Oct / Nov 2010

    Rio Oil & Gas 2010 sets all-time record

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  • Jun / Aug 2010

    Brazil is Volvo Cars' fastest growing market worldwide

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  • Apr / May 2010

    Swedish Royal Couple Visits Brazil

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  • Dec 2009 / Feb 2010

    Brazil is Scania's biggest truck market in the world

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