Promoting networking among our associates

Swedcham is one of the most active Chambers of Commerce in Brazil and organizes events with relevant content for those doing business in and with Brazil. Swedcham also promotes different types of social gatherings, stimulating networking among the members.

12 reasons to become a Swedcham member

  • Access to a wide network of approximately 200 companies with referral to your products and services;
  • Meetings and events with professionals with a great know-how of doing business in Brazil and Sweden;
  • Events, talks, exchange of knowledge, skill development and comprehension of nordic culture;
  • Coffee breaks, business lunches, after works and other social networking events;
  • Opportunities to visit member companies;
  • Exclusive events with trade and governmental delegations as well as from Swedish universities;
  • Access to the Committees (Legal & BusinessHuman CapitalCommunication and MarketingFinance and Innovation and Sustainability);
  • Discounts on products and services offered by our members;
  • Special conditions for using our Business Center (meeting rooms, workstations, lounge, etc.);
  • Receive our magazine NordicLight; with relevant info on commerce, services and industrial operations of members, as well as news about the Chamber, Brasil, Sweden and other Nordic countries;
  • Promotion of your products and services through the Chamber’s communication channels;
  • Your company’s contacts and services on our website, in our magazine NordicLight as well as in our Member Directory

How to register as a member?

  1. Check out our Membership Fees;
  2. Fill out the Subscription Form;
  3. If you have any questions or need further information, send us a message through our e-mail, or call +55 (11) 3066-2550.