NordicLight Magazine


The Magazine is a quarterly joint publication of the Swedish-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce (SBCC) and The Norwegian-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce (NBCC).

The Chamber's magazine NordicLight is published quarterly over three continents and circulates to all members and to business people and other opinion formers with particular interest in Sweden and Brazil.

NordicLight Highlights

Founded: 1989
Editions: Three per year
Circulation: 2.000 copies
Readers: Decision-makers in Brazil, Sweden and Norway and other foreigners that have interests in those countries.

Reader's Profile

General demographics

Readers of NordicLight are affluent decision-makers, opinion leaders and well-educated, most with post-graduate degrees and significant purchase power. The majority of the magazine’s readers are between the ages of 30 and 55.

Pass-along Readership

Copies of the magazine are not only distributed to opinion-makers and industry leaders among member companies, but also to associated organizations.


Laura Reid
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Last Issues

  • Sep / Dec 2019

    Four Swedish companies celebrate long-term commitment to Brazil

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  • May / Jul 2019

    SEB brings biggest Nordic business delegation ever to Brazil

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  • Jan / Mar 2019

    Optimism marks Rio Oil & Gas 2018

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  • Aug / Nov 2018

    Chamber cheers on Swedish team in World Cup

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  • Apr / Jul 2018

    Hilma af Klint exhibition opens at Pinacoteca in São Paulo

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  • Jan / Mar 2018

    ABB launches global platform of digital solutions in Brazil

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  • Oct / Dec 2017

    Swedish Startup Hub Rises on Paulista Avenue

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  • Jul / Sep 2017

    Meet Fraser Hall, President of AstraZeneca in Brazil

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  • Apr / Jun 2017

    King and President participate in Business Leaders Forum

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  • Jan / Mar 2017

    NBCC Rio Oil & Gas dinner attracts 550 guests

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  • Sep / Nov 2016

    Swedish Royal Couple visits Rio for Olympics

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  • Jun / Aug 2016

    Countdown to Rio 2016 Olympic Games

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  • Apr / May 2016

    Top Volvo executives attend launch of Electric Hybrid Bus in Curitiba

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  • Jan / Mar 2016

    Sweden-Brazil Career Fair 2015 - a resounding success

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  • Sep / Nov 2015

    SKF Celebrates 100 Years in Brazil

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  • Jun / Aug 2015

    Kreab celebrates 45th anniversary in Sweden and 9 years in Brazil

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  • Apr / May 2015

    Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven visits Brazil

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  • Jan / Mar 2015

    iZettle takes off in Brazil

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  • Oct / Nov 2014

    NBCC makes a mark on Rio Oil & Gas

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  • Jun / Aug 2014

    Spotify hits Brazil with Gilberto Gil

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  • Mar / May 2014

    Swedcham congratulates Saab on Brazil’s selection of Gripen

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  • Dec 2013 / Feb 2014

    Swedcham celebrates 60th anniversary with Gala Dinner

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  • Sep / Nov 2013

    Nobel Exhibition coming to Brazil

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  • Jun / Aug 2013

    Minister Annie Lööf's visit to Brazil kicks off at Swedcham

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  • Mar / May 2013

    São Paulo has new Swedish Honorary Consul General

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  • Dec 2012 / Feb 2013

    Young Professionals take off at Swedcham

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  • Oct / Nov 2012

    Rio Oil & Gas - Traditional Trade Fair Brings Great Opportunities

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  • Jun / Aug 2012

    Trelleborg invests heavily in Brazil

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  • Mar / May 2012

    A 125-year-old With the Future Ahead

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  • Dec 2011 / Feb 2012

    Unique meeting held at Swedcham

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  • Oct / Nov 2011

    Exclusive Interview with Tetra Pak's Paulo Nigro

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  • Jun / Aug 2011

    Swedish Prime Minister pays first state visit to Latin America

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  • Mar / May 2011

    SKF do Brasil is one of Group's most prominent units

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  • Dec 2010 / Feb 2011

    Volvo do Brasil President Roger Alm projects excellent results for 2010

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  • Oct / Nov 2010

    Rio Oil & Gas 2010 sets all-time record

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  • Jun / Aug 2010

    Brazil is Volvo Cars' fastest growing market worldwide

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  • Apr / May 2010

    Swedish Royal Couple Visits Brazil

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  • Dec 2009 / Feb 2010

    Brazil is Scania's biggest truck market in the world

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  • Sep / Nov 2009

    ABB is betting on continued growth

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  • Jun / Aug 2009

    Sandvik celebrates 60 years in Brazil

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