Swedish Footprint

Swedcham, in partnership with the Swedish Embassy, ​​believes it is important to publicize the positive actions that Swedish companies in Brazil are taking in preventing and combating Covid-19.

We note that several companies are acting as an emergency to help nearby communities, but we also note a significant implementation of new work strategies that are likely to remain even after the current crisis.

These changes end up being related to concepts such as Sustainability, Innovation, Trust and Responsibility, ideas that are deeply rooted in Swedish culture and that, at this moment, end up reinforcing the companies' commitment to Brazil in the long run.

What stories could some employees of Swedish companies in Brazil tell us?

A series of short videos presents brief conversations with company employees to find out what are the most striking points of this transition period in which we are all living.

It is an opportunity to present the relevant initiatives being developed and inspire other organizations to do the same. After all, Swedish companies have demonstrated in recent years how committed they are to building a better world.