Study in Sweden Virtual Fair


Looking for the chance to do something different and really life changing?Freedom, equality & sustainability. The Swedish Way is about creating a radically better world, and by doing it together. Even if we stand 3 metres apart at the bus stop.

And if you’re looking for freedom, for the chance to do something different and really life changing, then the Swedish Way might just be for you. And if not? That’s cool. We’re sure you’ll find somewhere else that’s really great too. Just nowhere near as Swedish.

But if it is? Well, then why don’t you join the Study in Sweden Virtual Fair on 13 June and learn why Sweden might just be what you’re looking for.

Tell me more…

The Virtual Fair on Saturday 13 June will open at 8pm CEST / 2pm EDT / 1pm CDT / 11am PDT / 3pm BRT / 1pm COT.

And you can join us from wherever you are. And whenever you want (well, almost ). The fair will be open for 4 hours. So you can join when the time suits you.

Wait a second. Who can I meet?

You’ll chat with 19 Swedish universities from all over Sweden:

You can also meet Study in Sweden and learn what it’s like to live and learn the Swedish Way.

 The big, final question. How can I take part?

It’s pretty simple really. Head to the registration page, enter your details and create an account. And then log in to the Virtual Fair when 13 June comes along.