Sustainability and Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility of Swedish companies in Brazil – 2019

This is a survey conducted by Swedcham Brazil in partnership with Estúdio Anadarco that sought to reveal how challenges of sustainability and social responsibility drive business innovations. The results are presented in this 16 min video that shows how production processes, innovation, human diversity, education and Community ties are key in the transition to a more responsible economy. This transition requires, above all, that companies approach sustainability as part of business strategies.

Twelve Swedish companies operating in Brazil participated in this survey: ABB, Epiroc, Electrolux, Höganäs, SAM-Saab, Sandvik, Scania, Semcon, SKF, Stora Enso, Tetra Pak, Volvo.

This short vídeo presents part of the survey developed by Swedcham Brazil in partnership with Estúdio Andarco. It shows how the transition to a responsible economy requires intense review of production processes, as well as special attention given to people.


Teaser 1 – The transition to a green economy requires the leading role of companies. Learn how challenges and strategies are approached by Swedish Companies in Brazil.

Teaser 2 – The challenge of combining productive values with sustainabilty is faced by Swedish companies in Brazil when they propose to contribute to the development of a more responsible economy.

Teaser 3 – Evaluating and implementing sustainable practices related to business strategies is an important challenge faced by Swedish companies in Brazil.