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In the last decade, Brazilian companies have strived to strengthen their links to Swedish companies. This concern those having invested or are willing to invest in Brazil in particular, as well as national companies exporting, trading and rendering services to Swedish groups operating at multinational level.

Aiming to support the members of Swedcham in Brazil, the idea of founding a Legal & Business Committee was presented by law firms which attended the 2002 Mission to Stockholm and counted on the strong support and approval of Swedcham Managing Director and Member Service Coordination, both constantly cheering its activities. Since then, the Legal & Business Committee has been joined by 16 members from the leading Brazilian law firms in addition to in house counsels of most prestigious company members. All of them remain willing to exchange and debate important issues arising from tax, corporate and civil law along with other more significant fields of Business Law in Brazil.

Review previous subject matters that have been treated by the Swedcham Brazil Legal Committee.


The location of the Chamber's Legal & Business Committee meetings is announced beforehand through this website in the Coming Events page. The meetings are open to all members, and address current legal issues that affect the day-to-day concerns of companies in Brazil.

The Legal & Business Committee usually consults with its own members about relevant issues it could elaborate upon. Therefore, the participation of members is critical to define the content and format of such meetings. Once the issues have been chosen, the Committee releases the agenda in advance, as well as the names of lecturers or debaters invited. Meetings are always attended by lawyers of member law firms, in addition to representatives of legal or other departments of member companies.

The Legal & Business Committee strives to encourage an ever-increasing participation of members at such monthly meetings by focusing on the quality of debates in plain language and on the integration of all attendees.

Legal Questions and Subject Matters

The questions must be:

  1. Related to company matters;
  2. Something which could be of the interest of the other Chamber members;
  3. Related to Brazilian law terms.

Inquiries and questions should abide by legal-related company concerns and suggestions of topics to be discussed at the meetings of the Legal & Business Committee.

The issues and subjects treated by the Legal & Business Committee will be selected according to the relevance and interest to the Chamber members in general; thus, the Chamber is not obliged to respond to every email or inquiry. The subject/s of each meeting will be informed on the respective invitation and/or under the Coming Events page.

Send your legal inquiry to the Legal & Business Committee.


The purpose of these gatherings is to provide a forum for discussion of legal matters that may be of interest to the members of the chamber, but the results of such discussions shall not be construed as binding or replace a specific opinion issued by the advisor of your choice.

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Renato Pacheco Neto – H. Consul General of Sweden, SwedCham's Legal Director, Partner of Pacheco Neto, Sanden, Teisseire Advogados. Chairman of CAE-Eurocamaras, Graduated from USP Law School and Post-Graduated from Stockholm School of Economics (IFL).