About Us

Swedcham – Space for Good Opportunities

For decades, Brazil has been a major trade partner for Sweden. Since the beginning of the 1900s, Swedish industry has established more than 200 companies in Brazil and this long-term commitment has evolved into a “little Sweden” in the city with the largest economy in Latin America: São Paulo, the financial heart and soul of Brazil, also considered the second largest Swedish industrial hub after Gothenburg.

The Swedish-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce - Swedcham, founded in 1953, is funded exclusively by member contributions and resources originating from a series of events organized and held by the Chamber.

Based at Rua Oscar Freire in São Paulo’s Jardins district, the Chamber offers its members and Swedish industry valuable support through its sphere of influence, contacts and knowledge of socio-economic and political relations between Brazil and Sweden.

Swedcham promotes and develops bilateral links between Brazil and Sweden. Members enjoy a modern business center, where they can meet a unique business network and enjoy events developed to improve and support the Brazilian and Swedish business relations.


Swedcham creates and promotes a Swedish-Brazilian Network. Swedcham provides a business and social platform to facilitate and promote business opportunities within the network.


Swedcham shall become the natural hub in Brazil for business related to Sweden and Brazil.


Our Members are mainly Swedish companies established in Brazil, but also Brazilian companies doing business with Swedish companies or still on the stage of having interest in the Swedish market.

Board and Advisory Council

The Chamber Board and Advisory Council are comprised of executives of Brazilian and Swedish companies established in Brazil.

Our Team

Meet and keep in touch with the Swedcham staff.

Young Professionals

Young Professionals is a project created by Swedcham that aims to connect students, young professionals and Swedish companies in Brazil with same interests.

Swedcham around the World

Besides having a partnership with the Chamber of Commerce Brazil-Sweden in Stockholm, Sweden, Swedcham is also associated with the following networks:

  • Swedish Chambers International (SCI) – Association of Swedish Chambers operating in over 100 countries.
  • Eurochambers no Brasil – Meeting of European Chambers established in Brazil and participating in the European Community.
  • Association of Swedish State Boards of Trade - Meeting of the majority of state legislatures in Sweden.
  • FCCE Foreign Trade Chamber Federation fcce.org.br. FCCE is the oldest trade association in Brazil dedicated exclusively to foreign trade activities.