The changing global business landscape

Swedcham Brazil is proud to invite you to a unique webinar that bridges geopolitics and international trade. In collaboration with the Swedish Chambers in Brazil, China and India we hope to provide an hour of cross-border insights from Swedish companies navigating in three very different countries. 

We are joined by expert Mikael Wigell who has been working with great power politics and researching about geopolitics at FIIA, his work is published in the European Commission, and he is part of the leading World Economic Forum Expert Network. 

The reason behind this webinar is the current changing global business landscape that all of our members, from big to small, are dealing with at this very moment. A nuanced comprehension of geopolitics is crucial in navigating the complex landscape of international trade, as it enables businesses to anticipate geopolitical tensions, identify new opportunities and foster sustainable economic relationships across borders. 

This webinar aims to help all actors that are active in international trade and business. Understanding geopolitics is essential when dealing with trade, the two factors are more intertwined than ever.

The event is open to anyone, so spread the word, it will come in handy when navigating this new trade landscape. 

WHEN: Thursday 30 November, 08.00 am in Brazil
WHERE: Live streamed on YOUTUBE