Innovation & Sustainability


It was with great pleasure that we launched the Innovation & Sustainability Committee in November 2011. This initiative was driven primarily by the desire of many of our members to create an environment for debate on increasingly relevant issues in the business environment.

Innovation & Sustainability issues are interdependent and must be addressed simultaneously by the Committee, considering that innovation is defined as any initiative in the organization that allows efficiencies in the production process of consumer goods or even services, but must be applied with as much economy and natural resources preservation as possible, in other words, sustainably.

In the first six months of the Committee, we had the opportunity of conducting the launch at Swedcham’s headquarters with the effective participation of members of prestigious companies in Infrastructure, Energy Consultants, Environment and Innovation, and the Swedish Trade Council, among others.

Our first workshop was held at the invitation of Bloomberg, in São Paulo, where new members attended, and was dedicated to the discussion of Renewable Energy, a central theme of the Committee for the first half of 2012.

We are sure that many corporate members are world references in many of the issues we want addressed, but to achieve the quality and excellence we desire, the presence of our members is very important. We count on you!

Social and Environmental Panorama


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Edvaldo Santos is the Director of Research, Development and Innovation at Ericsson Latam South. In his role, he leads activities such as 5G Networks, cloud robotics for advanced manufacturing, autonomous vehicles, programmable networks and IT systems dedicated to mobile operator’s digital transformation.

Edvaldo has an ongoing MSc in Computer Science (Federal University of Sao Carlos). He holds a Master of Science in Strategic Business Management (2002) and an MBA in Business Management, both at Fundação Escola de Comércio Álvares Penteado. He is graduated in Electrical Engineering at Escola de Engenharia de Lins.

Edvaldo holds a professional certification by FGV/ICSS since 2014 with emphasis in Administration. And, at Fundação Getúlio Vargas, is a member of the examining board of professional Master of Science, for themes involving innovation.