Arquivos mensais: abril 2016

Launching Swedcham IT & Telecom Network

Did you know that Sweden is internationally well known for being top notch in IT and Telecom? People in São Paulo and in other places in Brazil have shown great interest in the Swedish know-how, companies and solutions regarding IT and Telecom, and to meet this need Swedcham is now launching its IT...

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Convocação – Assembleia Geral Ordinária e Extra

Convocação - Assembleia Geral Ordinária e Extra - Câmara de Comércio Sueco-Brasileira Câmara do Comércio Sueco-Brasileira - ASSEMBLEIA GERAL ORDINÁRIA e EXTRA NO DIA 28 de ABRIL de 2016 Associados da Câmara: Por meio desta, fica V.Sa. convocada a comparecer, em 28 de Abril de 2016, às 18:00, na Rua Oscar Freire, 379, Jardins, nesta capital, para...
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